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The Truth About CNN’s Favourite ‘Rebels’ [video]


As the Syrian Army smashes ‘rebel’ resistance in Syria’s Idlib province, CNN and other liberal Fake News media outlets have reverted to stories portraying the fighting as the ‘regime’ targeting innocent civilians and civil rights campaigners forced to take up arms by ‘repression’. But the truth is that the large majority of Idlib is occupied and controlled by the latest incarnation of the Al-Nusra front – which is of course nothing more or less than Al Qaeda in Syria.

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A simple Goggle search for “Al Nusra Al Qaeda Idlib” will confirm that this is true. It throws up a large number of ‘mainstream’ press reports, including material from the Times of Israel, that remind us that the Jihadis completed their takeover over Idlib last summer.

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So the Western media and key figures such as US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley are trying to whip up public enthusiasm for military intervention in Syria by Nato forces in support of followers of the movement responsible for the 9/11 attacks!

While it is very unlikely that they will succeed, the very fact that they feel able to try shows the contempt they feel for their public audience at home, who they clearly believe are incapable of remembering such basic facts or doing a little research of their own.

Meanwhile, as the BBC, CNN and so on recycle atrocity propaganda about alleged bomb strikes on hospitals, the Syrian Army continues to fight what is in reality a war for every decent person on the planet – the war to wipe out Al Qaeda and Jihadi terror! We just pray that President Trump just keeps on keeping America out of it and leaves the Syrians to kill every last one of the head-cutters!

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