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War! A hundred times over!” French campaigner causes sparks to fly [video]


Liberal in France are in shock after a prize-winning French author gave a fiery speech calling for resistance to the Great Replacement, Islamisation and what he controversially calls “the African Conquest”.

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Renaud Camus coined the phrase the ‘Great Replacement’ to describe the process and consequences of mass immigration coupled with a low birthrate among peoples of European stock.

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Having campaigned to raise awareness of the danger since 2010, Camus seems to be losing faith in the prospect of a political turn-around. Having previously backed Marine Le Pen in elections, his latest speech is much more ominous:

What we need today is a coming together of all those who say a resounding No to Islamisation and the African conquest.

…That said, if through misfortune it turned out that the only alternative left to us was submission or war, then let it be war, a hundred times over. There would be nothing civil about it, despite the high number of collaborators and traitors. It will form part of the great tradition of peoples struggling for the right to self-determination, for the liberation of their territory and for decolonisation.

The Great Replacement in France – as Camus puts it, the “African Conquest” – has already gone very far in France. A majority of all births are expected to be to non-Europeans within the next ten years.

The only truly effective response, of course, is to have more children of our own. To talk of war – especially a necessarily Long War – before working on ways to increase our native birthrate is to put the cart before the horse. Which, unfortunately, is what we often find with intellectuals….

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