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Fake News Media Refuses To Tell Truth About KTI [video]


Today’s Times of London rehashes the usual liberal Fake News media tosh falsely alleging that the KTI funds and equips some vaguely ‘illegal’ groups with items they shouldn’t have. We do NOT.

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That said, we are pleased to note that the Times did have the decency to report our opposition to Nazi ideas. When news outlets fail to do so, and run around calling everyone they disagree with ‘fascist’ or ‘literally Hitler’, their deceit helps to ‘Nazify’ a new generation of angry young men by making them think that decent people have any sympathy for such ideas. We do not, but the Times’ honesty in reporting this fact is all too rare.

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Among our many charitable outreach operations we have provided perfectly legal groups of patriots in a number of countries with safety equipment and all sorts of legal items to help them in their work to protect their countries and peoples from criminals and illegality. We have not supplied, do not supply and will not supply firearms or other weapons to anyone.

These Fake News liars generally also rely on the false claim that the fact that we are highly critical of the aggressive Wahhabi Islam being promoted in the West with Saudi money, makes us ‘Islamophobic.

The truth is that out criticism and analysis of Islamism is not only a thousand times more honest than that of liberal (“terrorism is nothing to do with Islam”) elites, but it is also a thousand times more nuanced and fair than that of the neocon ‘counter-jihad’ movement, with its equally false claim that “all Muslims are the same”.

Any honest news outlet discussing the Templars’ criticism of the Islamists and their ideology of terror and conquest would also refer their audience to this video of ours, and to the many articles and videos we distribute in order to help spread awareness of the role of Shia and secular-minded Sunni Muslims in fighting the Jihadis in places like Syria, while Western elites continue to side with the terrorists.

The KTI have armed no-one. The American Deep State has over the last six or seven years deliberately and cynically armed every sort of radical Islamist in Syria and Iraq, including Al Qaeda. Journalists who are really interested in exposing and explaining future terror threats should start with the Obama/Clinton Operation Timber Sycamore, and leave us to get on with our Christian charitable work with our in peace.

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