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‘Never set foot in the UK again’ – Gavin Williamson’s firm stance on BRUTAL ISIS ‘Beatles’


Britain should turn its back on two captured ISIS jihadis from the terror group’s killer “Beatles” gang by not allowing them to face trial in the UK, Defence Secretary Gavin Secretary has said.

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His words have come after Alexanda Kotey, 34, and El Shafee Elsheikh, 29, from London, were arrested in Syria after being alleged to have been part of the squad who killed more than 20 people, including British aid workers Alan Henning and David Haines.

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Despite calls for the two jihadis to brought back to the UK to face British justice, Mr Williamson said: “I don’t think they should ever set foot in this country again.”

He added: “They turned their back on Britain, our values and everything we stand for – they are the worst of the worst.

“These people have killed innocents and tried to bring terror to the streets of our country.

“I am glad they have been hunted down and now is time for them to be held to account and pay the price for their barbaric crimes.”

Kotey and Elsheikh were detained by Kurdish forces and, according to one source, have been handed over to US special forces.

Washington officials have confirmed that the pair have revealed “valuable information” on the ISIS leadership and structure.

US officials have also said the pair “are suspected to have participated in the detention, exploitation and execution of Western detainees”.

When asked if the pair would be prosecuted and, if so, where they might face trial, Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway said: “We are still considering options regarding el-Sheikh and Kotey.

“But rest assured our intention is to hold anyone accountable who commits acts like those they are alleged to have committed.”

The other members of the killer group were London-based chief executioner Mohammed Emwazi, called Jihadi John, who was killed in a US drone strike in 2015, and Aine Davis, from west London, who is serving seven years for terrorism offences in Turkey.

Defence minister Tobias Ellwood has suggested the pair should go on trial at the International Criminal Court at The Hague rather than being sent to Guantanamo Bay, the notorious US detention centre in Cuba.

However, Lord Carlile, a QC, says it would be better to send them back to Britain following their capture by Kurdish forces last month near the Turkish border.

Carlile, 69, said: “I certainly think they should not go to Guantanamo Bay because, in my view, it does not have a proper juristic basis to it.

“They should be tried in the most convenient place for a trial and that is the United Kingdom.

“They could be tried without difficulty and they would get a fair trial under our rules.”

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