As the Westminster elite moves closer to imposing a Second Referendum in order to deny the verdict of the British people, German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter compares Europe to a transgender person:

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The crisis we have now is the logical development of a transgender person. For example, if there is a man who has started wearing woman’s clothes, then we consider him to be a person with psychological problems and a conflicted identity. If you have to dress yourself up as something you are not, then you turn to starting to drink, doing drugs, etc.

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What we can say about certain people, we can also say about whole people and entities. The EU is something non-European. It came upon us after World War II. It was a Western, liberal idea that came from the US. Of course, we also had our own European ideas, such as the ideas of Charles de Gaulle, but as we know, they are considered to be right-wing extremist.

They call it Europe, they call it the Union, and they call it European integration. So we are non-stop confronted with terms which express something else than what they mean.

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If you see a man in women’s clothes, you cannot ignore this, but you know that it is still a man and you will never think he is a woman. The same goes for Europe. We use the term Europe, buy everybody knows that this is not Europe. This is a conflict of identity which hits all levels.

It hits the level of religion as well. We should not forget that in negotiations over the Lisbon Treaty, God was kicked out of the constitution. They say that there is no place for God in this European Union. So we do not have a religious level, and our own culture is not supported. The EU does not appreciate it, for it is to be replaced by a sort of liberal and individualist culture.

If you are in conflict with your own identity, you cannot face outside threats. We are seeing this with the migrant crisis right now. Our government is not able to do anything.


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