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Identity? Tradition? Conservative? Looks like Lauren Southern has lost the plot! [video]


It has emerged that the leaflets which got Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone banned from Britain for ‘racism’ were not in fact racist in the slightest.

Instead, the two AltLite vloggers set up a stall (pictured above) in the heavily Islamified town of Luton and handed out leaflets stating that “Allah is gay, trans, lesbian, intersex, feminist, queer”.

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"Allah is gay" leaflet activist and journalist Lauren Southern planned to hand out in London

In the same week when a fresh scandal over the industrial scale paedophile sexual abuse of young girls broke in Britain, these so-called ‘religious conservatives’ thought it was a good idea to make their one bit of activism in England a juvenile stunt – attacking Islam with just about the only criticism you could think of which is NOT based on truth and is without any moral justification.

Are we the only people people asking ourselves what on earth is going on when people who claim to be ‘conservative’ go around attacking religion – any religion – from the point of view of liberal-left LGBT extremists?

Why are people who have made a lot of money from raising justifiable concerns about the ‘Great Replacement’, going out of their way to promote the ideology of sterile, non-reproductive sex as something people should admire?

Lauren Southern plays up her Christianity, probably because it goes down well with her conservative donor base, but what sort of ‘Christian conservative’ promotes the cultural Marxist concept of LGBTQ+?

Image result for mirror telford grooming scandal

Especially when concentrating on such nonsense once again allows the mass gang rape of up to one million young British girls to fade into the background in favour of an issue about which ordinary people just couldn’t give a damn.

And where genuine Christian conservatives are actually likely to be sympathetic to the Muslims, who are now suffering the sort of provocative disrespect for their sincerely held religious beliefs at the hands of militant liberal pro-gay agitators that we Christians have suffered for years.

We resent and reject liberals blaspheming against Jesus. So how can we regard similar lack-of-virtue-signalling against other religions (even false ones) as acceptable? Particularly when they give away the moral high ground to the followers of Allah at the very time when they should be under the spotlight for the actions of their gang rapist co-religionists.


In less than a year, Lauren Southern has gone from slamming ‘gender’ politics as cultural Marxism (see video), to LGBT stunts with an individual who lives with his transgender boyfriend and stands accused of blackmailing his previous employer with secretly recorded sordid videos. What the hell is she playing at?

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