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How The New World Order Just LOST The Arms Race [video]


You wouldn’t know it from the ‘fake news’ liberal media, but March 2018 will go down in history as the month which changed the world. Future historians will note that this month saw two events which marked the moment at which the so-called New World Order lost its grip.

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The Washington, Wall Street Dollar Empire began when the South was crushed in the American civil war. It grew like a cancer with the creation of the private Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. It advanced its global ambitions when it achieved its First World War aim and destroyed the old empires of Germany, Austro-Hungary and Russia.

It funded the Bolshevik revolution as a weapon to destroy Christianity, just as more recently it created Al Qaeda and ISIS.

It seized global control during the Second World War, when it swapped some rusty old war ships for the most valuable parts of the British Empire. It used the Cold War to herd the nations of the so-called ‘free world’ into its economic and political cattle pen. And at the end of the Cold War its puppets even helped it loot Russia.

But in March 2018, the century of the Dollar Imperium came to an end. The KTI’s intelligence team has been researching what has happened, and I am going to sum up for you what they have uncovered.

Empires rise and fall for many reasons. Very often it’s a question of demography. Or it might be civil war. Or even natural climate change.

But the best marker for the fortunes of Empires is what happens to their money and their military. The details change with technology, but across the ages it all boils down to two things: Steel and gold.

Let’s start with the steel. With the military might of the Dollar Empire – the armed forces of the United States and of its puppet regimes in countries such as Britain and France.

Since 1989 they have been the masters of the world. Russia and China also had enough weapons to destroy the entire planet, but it was Nato which ruled the global roost.

It was Nato that moved its border from the middle of Western Europe to the edge of Russia. It was Nato which was encircling both Russia and China with forward missile bases – bases that had the stated aim of starting and ‘winning’ a first strike nuclear war.

This inhumane madness was making a nuclear war almost inevitable. The danger to us all was growing worse every day.

But then, on the first day of this month, Vladimir Putin gave his annual State of the Nation address. Alongside points about domestic politics and reforms, the Russian President unveiled  stunning advances in his nation’s military capabilities.

He showed video clips of the new arms, which included underwater drones, intercontinental missiles and a hypersonic system which “heads for its target like a meteorite.”

Among the systems the President announced were a nuclear-powered cruise missile with “unlimited range” and the ability to dodge defences,  underwater drones launched from submarines,  and an anti-ship missile system called Kinzhal – the Dagger.

This weapon alone rewrites the book of naval warfare. It is far superior to any Nato defensive system and will simply blow any Carrier Battle Group out of the water.

The new weapons mean that Russia cannot now be attacked with nuclear weapons, while in a conventional war she will control not just the Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean, but also vast areas of the Pacific and North Atlantic.

It all means that Nato cannot now beat Russia in either a nuclear or conventional war. Russia’s weapons now lead the rest of the world by decades.

As you would expect, the Western fake news media badly misrepresented the speech. ‘Putin said that in the event of an attack, Russia is prepared to use nuclear weapons,’ claimed all the reports.

This is not what he said. Putin said that they would use nuclear weapons in the event that Russia or any of its allies were attacked with nuclear arms.

This makes it clear that Russia’s new and overwhelming superiority in nuclear capabilities has been developed as a deterrent, and would only ever be used in retaliation for a first strike nuclear assault by Nato powers.

Since the Nato globalists now know that any such strike would lead to their total destruction, it follows that they will not do it. So by restoring the balance of nuclear terror, Russia has just gone a very long way to ensuring that there will not be a nuclear war.

Russia’s actions are not aimed at destroying anyone. In fact, it’s pulling a gun on a drunk, knife- waving bully in the bar. Not because you want to shoot him, but to get him to calm down and listen to what others have to say. Russia brought a gun to a neocon knife fight.

The neo-con Project for the New American Century was based on the idea of using force to maintain global U.S. military supremacy for the next one hundred years. Less ambitious than Hitler’s Thousand Year Reich, it hasn’t lasted much longer than Adolf’s equally mad fantasy.

March 1st 2018 was the day that the Washington New World Order’s insane dream of military control of Planet Earth came to an end for good. Without a shot being fired!

The second pillar of the neocon project for global domination was to keep the Federal Reserve’s privately created dollar as the world’s only reserve currency and the only currency for trading oil.

This scam has allowed the USA to live far beyond its means since 1972. To be a global superpower despite the collapse of its own industrial base. In simple terms, the Fed has printed dollars and sold them to the world, in exchange for oil and consumer goodies from China.

But a report in Bloomberg on the eighth of March tells us that this too is about to change for ever. The article was entitled “How China Is About to Shake Up the Oil Futures Market”.

It explains that China, the world’s biggest oil buyer, is opening a domestic market to trade futures contracts. It will allow Chinese buyers to lock in oil prices and pay in local currency. This means that the petro-dollar will have a rival, the petroyuan.

And since the yuan is convertible to gold, this reintroduces the gold standard, which was scrapped by Richard Nixon in 1971.

It means that the more the U.S. Deep State tries to use sanctions to punish nations which refuse to obey, the quicker international trade will switch from the dollar to the new alternative.

The shift is not as dramatic as the one in the nuclear balance, but it is the beginning of a change that is even more important. Because, God willing, no-one will ever use nuclear weapons. But international trade and oil imports go on every day. And more and more of the transactions will not be done in dollars.

The Dollar Empire’s grip on the world economy will not end as dramatically as its military domination of the world. But its end is just as certain.

None of this should worry ordinary Americans. Because the Washington elite’s plans to rule the world never gave you anything except your sons and daughters coming home in body bags from foreign wars that had nothing to do with you.

And the supposedly ‘American’ corporations which have ruled the world economy have been careful to keep their profits well away from real Americans. Indeed, they have exploited Americans just as much as anybody else.

Remember that the internment camps these elite criminals have built all over America are for Americans, not for Russians or Chinese or any of the other people their lying press tries to make you hate.

The breaking of the military and economic power of the New World Order gives the people of the United States of America the opportunity to restore the nation they love,  to be what she always should have been:

A very powerful and important nation. But one whose leaders must put their efforts into serving and improving their own nation.  Which beats trying to be the world’s policeman.

So informed Americans will join the rest of us in celebrating March 2018 as a great moment in History. The moment when the Satanic powers lost their grip. The moment they failed in their blasphemous bid to restore the One World Government of the Tower of Babel.

The failing Empire may yet do terrible damage as it lashes out in its dying rage. But the elite’s New World Order plan has been smashed on the rocks of reality, thanks to the Providential leader of the world’s great Christian power, Russia.

And the world is a safer place for all its children as a result. Deus Vult!

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