Home liberalism UK Police Set Up Identitarian Journalist To Be Gang-Raped!

UK Police Set Up Identitarian Journalist To Be Gang-Raped!


News has emerged which highlights the liberal extremism now endemic among many officials in the UK. When Alt-Lite vlogger #LaurenSouthern was barred from #Britain by UK Border Police at Calais, the police left her to walk the three miles back into the French town along a motorway stalked by literally hundreds of young African and Arab men.

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The police KNEW she could easily be raped & possibly murdered. Just as the UK authorities know that putting anti-Islamic dissidents into prisons run by violent Islamist gangs can amount to a death sentence.

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This is the notice she was handed when she was barred from the UK by the Channel Tunnel police.

Fortunately, she made it to safety OK, but that is no thanks at all to the police.

People who think this level of evil can be defeated with banner drops and ‘reframing ideas’ need to wise up!

What is going on here is quite simple: The Powers That Be in Britain have decided that the British are to be replaced in their own country. And any dissent, even as moderate as that of Generation Identity, will be ruthlessly crushed.

We feel obliged to give this blunt advice to the growing number of young people attracted to GI and its eye-catching protests: If you are prepared to be in a political war-to-the-death with the British state and its allies (which under certain circumstances includes the Islamists), if you are prepared to lose your career, your good name, your freedom and perhaps even your life, then throw yourself into this Long War for the survival of our people. And get in touch with us,because we’re serious about it too.

But if you think this is some sort of game, a kind of ‘licenced rebellion’ in which you can dabble without consequences, understand now that you are mistaken – and get the hell out and back to Normie Land! 


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