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Late, we know, but here’s a look at Friday 13th [video]


We were going to run this on Friday, but our campaign to explain the reality behind the proposed strike on Syria forced us to postpone it. Still, the strike has now taken place. Everything we said still stands, and will stand in the event of further aggression in the region. But we see no point in repeating it. Either people understand already, or they will in due course learn the hard way.

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Sp let’s get back to our passion for history, heritage, identity and Faith.

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Why is Friday 13th regarded as unlucky?

The superstition surrounding the date is may originate with the Last Supper, attended by 13 people – Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples – on Maundy Thursday, the night before his crucifixion by Roman soldiers on Good Friday.

The number 13 is therefore associated with Judas Iscariot, Christ’s betrayer, and is regarded as imperfect compared with 12, which represents the number of months in a year.

The union of day and date has also been traced back to King Philip IV of France arresting hundreds of Knights Templar on Friday 13 October 1307.

The Catholic crusaders were apprehended – under pressure from Pope Clement V – over allegations made by an excommunicated former member that new recruits to the order were being forced to spit on the cross, deny Christ and engage in perverse acts during initiation ceremonies.

The claims – entirely without foundation – were a convenient pretext for Philip to persecute the wealthy order and waive debts he owed them following war with England.

“Put not your trust in princes”.

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