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BBC Launches ‘Brutally Dishonest’ Attack On KTI


Today the BBC launched a deceitful, hysterical but frankly lame fake news attack on the Knights Templar International.

Notorious for its left-wing bias on everything from Brexit to Israel, the taxpayer-funded Corporation exceleds itself in this morning’s outburst on Radio 4.

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Without even approaching the KTI for clarification or comment – let alone giving us the legally required opportunity to defend ourselves – the BBC presents our humanitarian work for Christian communities in occupied Kosovo as some sort of paramilitary plot.

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Our provision of financial aid to UNESCO World Heritage monasteries, our praise for the K-FOR troops without whose protection they would be destroyed by Albanian Jihadi extremists, our donations to buy equipment to provide clean water to children in schools where Islamist bigots have cut off their water supplies, even our efforts to provide bulletproof vests and communications equipment to Christian farming families under virtual siege from gun-toting radical Muslims – all these are used to support the BBC’s wild conspiracy theory and totally groundless smear misrepresenting our work in Kosovo.

As with other repeated far-left smears about our assistance to completely legal citizen volunteer groups working to provide emergency aid to the victims of people traffickers, while at the same time helping protect the Bulgarian border (with the full blessing and thanks of the Bulgarian government), the BBC seek to give listeners the impression that we have been involved in supplying guns to the Balkans.

A moment’s rational thought, of course, demolishes this far-left fantasy, since the entire region is awash with military hardware and weapons left over from a succession of bloody wars. We, on the other hand, are based in the UK, which has some of the most restrictive gun laws and lowest concentration of firearms in the entire world. The whole idea is utterly ridiculous!

So what is this BBC propaganda drive really all about? Three things, all of them interrelated:

First, over the last three years the KTI and its partners have built up a huge ‘reach’ on Facebook. Until recent algorithm changes by the social media giant, this in turn made us one of the most powerful players in the ‘alternative media’ – the grass-roots groups using Facebook to allow ordinary people to drive the news agenda.

This has horrified the entire mainstream media, who have watched as their former monopoly on the creation and distribution of news, and hence on the formation of public opinion, was broken by the ‘little guys’. This was the phenomenon that led directly both to Brexit and to the defeat of the Establishment’s candidate Hillary Clinton in the last US Presidential election.

Since the start of the year, the media and political elite have hit back, with massive censorship and purges of social media of the entire range of ‘conservative’ opinion and opinion-makers. This propaganda assault is designed primarily to push Facebook into closing down our sites, and all those which have shared our material.

Partly, of course, this is the mainstream media’s monopolistic response to a threat to their power, audiences and income streams, but there is also a strong political dimension to this – they want to ensure that the only voices that you the public are allowed to hear are voices which say the same things as they do.

Second, however, is the fact that the liberal elite in the UK are absolutely frantic in their undemocratic efforts to block Brexit. They are working to create the circumstances in which the regime of committed ‘Remainer’ Theresa May has the chance to call a second referendum. But as that would be no use if the British people again voted to Leave, the Remainers have set about eliminating the grass-roots social media networks which informed the vote for freedom from the EU.

If – as is all too likely – this appalling smear leads to Facebook shutting the KTI’s accounts, we will not be the first, or the last, victims of this cynical and undemocratic political war on the pro-Brexit majority and those who helped mobilise it.

Third, the same liberal elite are determined to push Britain and the USA towards a totally unnecessary and insanely dangerous confrontation with the Christian Russia of Vladimir Putin. The threadbare absurdity of their sabre-rattling propaganda to that end is such that they are petrified of the power of the same grass-roots networks to expose their lies.

With the public memory of Tony Blair’s fake news ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ still so strong, similar tall tales simply won’t wash with the rightly sceptical public unless every single voice in favour of common sense and Peace can be silenced. So once, again this also puts us in the frame for the attack dogs of the BBC.

These, then, are the reasons for the BBC smear, which is now certain to be picked up and expanded by other mainstream media outlets right across the political spectrum. Because, whatever political stance they use to sell papers or attract viewers, in the end the entire media elite share a common interest in re-establishing their monopoly on what you are allowed to see, hear and think. And that is what this is all about!

You can see the programme here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b1bjj6

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