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Grenfell fire: One year on


One year on since the fire in Grenfell tower claimed the lives of 72 men, women and children, the British people are remembering the lives lost through the apathy and irresponsibility of our leaders.

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The year that followed the tragedy has led to a game of pass-the-buck among Labour and Conservative politicians.
The dangers of cladding tower blocks were known as early as 2000, under Tony Blair’s Labour government, when the cladding began under Labour’s Decent Homes Initiative. That Jeremy Corbyn and his minions have seized on the tragedy to exploit anti-Tory feeling is nothing less that shameful.

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But the Conservative party are not lacking in blame. The Kensington and Chelsea borough where the fire occurred is under their control. Complaints were made to councils regarding the dangers the occupants faced but their worries fell on deaf ears.

The 2005 regulatory reform order introduced under Blair’s regime placed the responsibility for fire inspection in the hands of the local council; taking it away from the Fire Brigade.

Fire safety audits and inspections were cut by 20% in 2010 as fire authority budgets were cut after the Conservative government introduced its austerity measures.

The appalling manner with which the survivors were treated, many still living out of their suitcases, gave left-wing political hacks ammunition to blast the Tory government, allowing them to sidestep their role in the tragedy.

The soviet-style high-rise hells hundreds of thousands of Brits have been consigned to since the end of the war was destined to end in tragedy. Such an existence is not conducive to a safe and happy family life, but the safety and happiness of Britons is the last thing to enter the thick skulls of the political class. It is an indictment of the disregard our political leaders, both left and right, living in their middle-class leafy suburbs, have for the common man.

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