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Modern Twist On 400-Year-Old Winter Survival Trick [video]


When Swedish soldiers prepared to fight in their bitter winter, they soon found that the key to victory was simply being able to  survive and move from place to place in conditions in which less acclimatised opponents would either die of hunger and cold or, at best, be frozen into their bases.

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So as well as training for rapid movement on skis, the Swedes gave a lot of attention to ‘primitive’ ways of keeping warm.

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This  simple tool that allows you to cook using pans on an open fire. The tool is built to sit on top of a fire known as a “Swedish Torch” and is held in place by four bolts. The fire technique known as a “Swedish Torch” was invented by Swedish soldiers during the 30 Years’ War. The fire will burn even if the floor is wet or covered in snow.

And, as the second video shows, you can make something nearly as good without any more equipment than a piece of old wire….

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