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Thousands Swamp Bulgarian Cities in “Family Crusade” Day


Thousands of supporters of conventional marriages between men and women and the traditional family gathered for marches and demonstrations in the five largest Bulgarian cities against liberal-EU “gender politics” during a “Family Crusade” yesterday in the five largest Bulgarian cities.

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Central to the whole event was a call for effective measures to encourage a healthy birthrate in Bulgaria, which on present trends would effectively disappear by the end of this century unless radical and sustained improvements are made.

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According to a press statement released by the organizers, the Association for Society and Values in Bulgaria, the marches featured music, balloons, dances for families, set to “beautiful Bulgarian music” and thousands of “smiling faces” who celebrated the festive processions in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Rousse.

Men and women were dressed respectively with blue and pink T-shirts with the slogan: “To the traditional family” and couples attended in their wedding suits and wedding dresses.

During the event, the “Citizenship Declaration” addressed to the government was read out, which is a call to support marriage and the family, and the protection of children from the cultural Marxist “gender politics” which is sweeping the West.


The Declaration urged the Bulgarian government to advocate for the establishment of a family based on the marriage union between a man and a woman, to oppose gender politics and create conditions that ensure a decent life for families and promote birth rates.

The marches ended with the singing of the Bulgarian national anthem and the release of dozens of balloons with the inscription “For the family of man and woman.”

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