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Number of Brits Wanting To Leave EU Climbs AGAIN! [video]


Two years of intensive BBC lectures and brainwashing about the “dangers of Brexit” have had no impact. The number of Britons who want the UK to leave the EU has jumped since 2015, a new poll shows.

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The annual British Social Attitudes survey has revealed that rising numbers of respondents are now firmly convinced by the case for departure.

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The study said 36 per cent of interviewees wanted to leave the EU, up from 22 per cent in 2015. The proportion who wanted no change fell to 19 per cent, down from 27 per cent.

‘Voters in Britain have so far emerged from the Brexit process more critical of Britain’s membership of the EU,’ the researchers says.

Those whose perceptions, sense of identity and values already predisposed them in 2015 to take a sceptical view of the EU have particularly come to the view that the UK should leave.’

The problem is that the political elite are heavily in favour of Remain, and are twisting all the rules to try to make sure that happens. This is widening even further the dangerous gulf between the rulers and the taxpayers. This is a fail-safe driver of civil unrest. The people spoke very clearly two years ago, the elite ignore them and trample on democracy at everyone’s peril!

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