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Failing EU ON THE BRINK: Orbán aligning with Russia to secure protection from EU collapse


The Europhiles in Brussels are bullies – but it’s just not working! The more Brussels tries to punish Britain for trying to leave the EU, the more British voters are saying they just want out – and fast! And the more the liberal elite in Brussels try to bully the countries of Eastern Europe into taking thousands of ‘refugees’, the more they are rejecting the whole idea of EU rule.

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The Hungarian government in Bdapest no longer believes the EU’s vision is Europe’s ideal, which could create a wholesale power shift across the bloc.

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Mr Orbán is helping his country navigate from a world dominated by the United States and Brussels to a more open vision where small nations find a balance between a growing list of bigger powers.

Budapest has not been willing to leave the EU because it enjoys a wealth of financial handouts. But that will change in 2020 – at which point Hungary may simply look to walk away.

Russia is on the hunt for local partnerships with EU member states, Vladimir Putin has recently visited Sebastian Kurz, the current holder of the EU’s rotating in presidency, in his search for friends.

Mr Orbán too sees the importance of partnering with Russia as he and his country are sick of Brussels bullying and sees that the EU is splintering.

David Koranyi, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington and a former Hungarian national-security official, said: “Orban genuinely believes the West is on the decline, and the best days of the EU and NATO are numbered.

“He’s pragmatic enough to keep Hungary in the EU and NATO for now, because the money coming in and the security umbrella still have their value.

“But he sees the 21st century as the rise of a competing governance model, that of the East.”

The most Eurosceptic countries in Europe


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