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Life in a London tower block: Anxious mother whose children dodge heroin addicts, fights and gangs reveals her fears for their safety [video]


A new TV programme gives a frightening glimpse into the lives of young families living in the hell-hole which was once the capital of Great Britain.

Mothers have revealed the harrowing reality of raising their children in tower blocks where they are forced to dodge heroin addicts, violence and urinating men in the corridors outside their home.

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The Balde family, consisting of mum Morgan, a teaching assistant, Gareth, a railway worker, and their two children Drew, eight, and Blake, ten, live in a high rise block in Croydon.

In Channel 5’s Tower Block Kids, ‘anxious’ Mrs Balde reveals how she watches her children out of the window whenever they go out, and has forbidden them for straying further than she can see because she’s terrified of the ‘weird people’ on the estate.

The block has had problems with violence, which frequently occurs in the stairways and landings just outside the flats where the couple are bringing up their young children.

Recent figures from the Met Police revealed Croydon is home to the second highest number of violent crimes in London, with some 11,762 violent crimes recorded in the 12 months to April 2018.  Countless more, of course, go unrecorded.

The same phenomenon – as people living city life find that it’s really not a bed of urban roses – is spreading all over the world….

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