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“No Surrender!” How Defiance Won the Day at Vienna [video]


Defiance! It is the way of our ancestors, and so must it be again in the Dark Times ahead! So here is a fine example, form the past, for the near future!

During the Battle of Vienna, the grand vizier of the invading Ottoman Turks sent an emissary to deliver a summons of surrender to the city. The summons read:

Accept Islam and live in peace under the Sultan! Or deliver up the fortress and live in peace under the Sultan as Christians; and if any man prefer, let him depart peaceably, taking his goods with him. But if you resist the Will of Allah, then death or spoliation or slavery shall be the fate of you all! Fight and you die! Surrender and you live!

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The military governor of Vienna, Count Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg, told the crowd of people gathered near the town’s Cathedral:

The infidels promise us that if we surrender, all Christians will be allowed to remain Christian. But, ask the Greeks what that promise means. Ask the Serbs. Ask the Albanians. How do the people of Vienna reply to that invitation?

The crowd immediately responded with a shout “No!”

May the men of Europe find the same courage as their ancestors and resist the demands of the global elite to sacrifice their nations!

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