Home Video “Sing, Afrikaaner, Sing!” Great track by Boer music legend

“Sing, Afrikaaner, Sing!” Great track by Boer music legend [video]

"Sing Afrikaner Sing." And that's exactly what the hugely popular Boer singer Bok van Blerk does. But more than that, he encourages all Afrikaners to sing together. With the threat to steal their land now official, such unity is more important than ever!


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You can not say anything again, you have finished talking
It's a sad matter that affects us all
For the great betrayal comes from our own people

For the one tears the words of another
And use it only for its own destiny
And 'he' stands for nothing, not like me and you

I know it will change
The wheel will turn one day

Sing, Afrikaner Sing
Let your voice be heard
Never let go of it
Sing, Afrikaner Sing
If we all become one
Can we break the silence?
Afrikaner Sing

And it may seem far, but it's through you
Can you see how the wolves tear apart
And there's nothing my friend, nothing that can stop it

For the day shall come, that the king shall fall
And he has to make way for a General
What makes him out, with his own people

Because everything has to change
The wheel will turn one day

But everything has changed
Is it ready for late?
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