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The Coming Coup Against Donald Trump – The Hidden Templar Returns [video]


Treason On The Wind – The Coming Coup to Overthrow President Trump

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When the history of the Second American Civil War comes to be written, it may be said that the very first hint of what was to come dripped from the poisonous lips of Chuck Schumer, when – right at the beginning of the Trump presidency – he quoted with approval a letter written in 1861 by a Union officer, expressing his willingness to die in the first one.

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Halfway through the first term, Schumer continues to fan the flames which could light the fuse to civil war. He is not alone. As we have seen since the President moved to seek a peaceful accord with Russia, Schumer’s position is shared not just by the Democrats, the liberal media and the Deep State, but also by the entire Republican elite and the supposedly ‘right-wing’ military industrial complex.

If the hate-filled rhetoric spewing from Schumer and Co does manage to drag America into the abyss of a new civil war, the make up of the two sides is already clear: On the one side an alliance of the elite forces who, despite their recurring squabbles over the spoils, are united in believing that they know better than the people whose sweat provides their inflated salaries. On the other, the elected President, Middle America and the lower ranking military who understand and stay loyal to the Constitution.

Another way of looking at the origins of Civil War 2.0 is that it was inevitable the moment the America people voted for a President who was not on the elite approved list. Especially as the President then insisted on sticking to a number of the pledges that got him elected.

Of these, the most significant by far is Donald Trump’s decision to meet Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and to strive to defuse the explosively bad relationship created by the godless US elite’s psychotic hatred and aggression towards Russia.

Trump’s bid for peace is a red rag to a bull in terms of all the deepest prejudices and tribal hatreds of various factions of the global elite (including all the ‘ex’ Communists, who simply loath the fact that Putin has restored Russia to Christ and traditional Christian values).

It is also a direct challenge to the military-industrial complex. That’s the massively powerful and wealthy group of arms manufacturers and war profiteers whose money has utterly corrupted the American body politic.  The military-industrial complex has one goal: To gouge even more dollars from the American tax-cattle, selling overpriced and underperforming weapons systems to a bloated military machine that spends more on war toys than all the other serious powers in the world put together.

The tax money involved is vast – an estimated 1000 billion dollars every year. So it’s really no wonder that the military-industrial complex mafia are so desperate to keep American taxpayers on a War footing.

To do that they need a bogey-man, a ‘threat’, a monster. Russia under Putin is ideal, especially as the ‘ex’-Communist left detest and fear him for ideological reasons, while many of the most powerful figures in the American media hate Russia because they grew up with family tall tales about Cossacks taking a horsewhip to great-great-grandpa.

On top of all that we’ve got the Yinon Plan – I’ll leave you to do your own research on that.

Finally there’s the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists on the Democrats, and the influence of Saudi Arabian petro-dollars on many Republicans and mainstream media outlets. These people look at Putin and see the man who blocked their effort  to destroy the secular, pro-Christian government of Syria and turn the cradle of Christianity into a head-chopping Islamist Caliphate.

And then along comes the upstart President, elected in a peaceful popular revolt that shook the political and media elites of the entire Western world to their rotten core. And then the upstart President comes up with the novel idea of trying to find grounds for peaceful co-existence with Russia, and sitting down and talking in a civilised fashion with the man who not only saved the Christians of the Middle East from Obama’s pet Jihadis, but also stopped the Western financial elites from robbing Russia the way they rob Middle America.

No wonder the elite are mad!

Mad in both senses of the word, because the hate-filled rhetoric really is intended either to trigger some unstable lunatic to assassinate Donald Trump, or to prepare the ground for a palace coup and impeachment if no-one steps forward to do the deed the old fashioned ‘lone gunman’ way. And a coup in particular would truly drag the United States of America to the very brink of Civil War.

For what could the American people do? They elected President Trump in a landslide caused by the enthusiastic engagement in the political process of literally millions of Americans who had all but given up on democracy. They were disgusted with the tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee fakery of an elite which had abandoned them and collectively turned blind eyes and deaf ears to their anger and their pain.

What are those millions – and the millions more who may not agree with them but who understand that their constitutional rights are sacred – what are all those people to do if the same self-chosen, self-satisfied, self-centred elite simply trample their choice and their rights underfoot?

What does anyone expect John Doe to do when the Great and the Good tell him that they are destroying HIS President? Especially when he knows that the liberal media outlets are awash with Fake News. And when the same people who are destroying his President also make no secret of their intention to take away his guns, to force his children to learn utter filth in schools, and turn him and his fellow Americans into a despised minority in the great land that their forebears hacked from the wilderness.

What madness has possessed the incestuous cliques who think they have the right to rule – and to eat – America? What madness is it that they are clearly perfectly happy with the idea of starting a Civil War, when the other side have 90% of the guns? When it comes to ‘strong delusions’, this one has to be there up along with the now mainstream fantasy that there are 42 different genders and that they can be adopted or cast off as easily as changing your socks!

Yet there they all are, rushing towards the same precipice as Schumer. Listen to Congressman Steve Cohen, calling for the military to step in and stage a coup as he asked:

“Where are our military folks ? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!”

Former CIA Director John Brennan called Trump’s efforts to defuse dangerous international tensions “nothing short of treasonous”. On the very same day, former FBI Director James Comey issued what can only be construed as a call to illegal action against a sitting US President:

“This was the day an American president stood on foreign soil next to a murderous lying thug and refused to back his own country. Patriots need to stand up and reject the behavior of this president.”

Now THAT really IS treason, or at least incitement to it! And virtually every supposedly mainstream media outlet in the USA is playing the same dirty, treacherous game.

Further in the shadows, the media’s string pullers in the Deep State have had their problems with Presidents in the past. In 1961 President Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans in his last public address that the military/industrial complex was a threat to American democracy. Truer words were never spoken by an American president. Shortly thereafter, the military/security complex assassinated President John F. Kennedy for working toward peace with Soviet leader Khrushchev.

When President Nixon, made too many arms control agreements with the Soviets and opened to China, the military/security complex used its asset, the Washington Post, to orchestrate the “Watergate crisis” that the y used to force Nixon’s resignation. Now the military/security complex is openly inciting sedition against the President of the United States.

What Trump is facing today is not just criticism but a baying lynch mob! And what is really frightening is that almost nobody dares to denounce the hysterical lynch mob for what it is. There are a few exceptions, of course, even in the media (notably Tucker Carlson), but these voices are drowned out by the hate-filled shrieks of the vast majority of US politicians and journalists.

The USA is facing what could easily become the worst crisis in its history: the lawfully elected President is being openly delegitimized and that, in turn, delegitimizes the electoral process which brought him to power. Most serious of all, it is a declaration of political – and if necessary – military, war against the “deplorables” who dared vote for him: the majority of the American people.

Congress, especially, is now guilty of engaging on a de-facto coup against the Executive on every levels, including repeated attempts to prevent Trump from exercising his constitutional powers such as, for example, deciding on foreign policy issues.

The one real ray of hope in all this is that, perhaps, the gathering constitutional crisis will awake the American people to the full and shocking truth: That the media, political and security elites they trust to inform, govern and protect them are in fact at war with America – and have been for years.

After all, it isn’t Moscow that takes one quarter of your annual income as taxes. No, that would be Washington, DC. It isn’t the KGB  that spies on you and tracks all of your communications. No, that’s the NSA. It isn’t the Supreme Court of Russia that tells you that you cannot have a cross on the White House lawn, or that your children must be bused across town to achieve racial balance, or that a baker must make a cake for a homosexual “wedding”. No, that’s your own homegrown “justices”.

It isn’t the Russian Duma that has devastated entire economic and social strata of American society through open borders immigration policies and free trade dogma. No, that would be the US Congress. It isn’t the Russian Ministry of Finance that has devalued the dollar by 96% since its inception. No, that’s the Federal Reserve Board. It isn’t Russia that has militarized its police to the point that there’s hardly any difference between the local constabulary and a mechanized infantry platoon. No, that would be, you guessed it, the USA.

The destruction of America that Trump was elected to stop was not carried out by any outside power, but by the very same elite that is now working – and lying – 24/7 to destroy America’s elected President.

If they follow through with their plot, the American people will have a very stark and simple choice: To take up arms in defence of their President, their democracy, their constitution and their freedom. Or to sit and watch as all those things are taken away from them. Forever. Which is it to be, America? Which is it to be?

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