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“Time To Take the Rights of CHILDREN Into Account” [video]


Liberal fanatics were shocked by a common-sense voice which joined the debate on the cultural Marxist attack on the traditional family and the rights of children to two, natural parents.

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Because the person making this strong argument for the rights of children is a young Australian woman who was raised by lesbian parents.

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Millie Fontana, 24, lobbied MPs and senators in Canberra, including addressing the Nationals’ partyroom.

She urged lawmakers to consider the rights of children of same-sex couples.

“I grew up initially without my father in my life and that was just challenging in the home,” Ms Fontana said.

“I think children have this innate need to know who their biological connections are.”

Ms Fontana, who did not meet her father until she was 11, struggled with her identity as a child.

“Fatherlessness and motherlessness do affect a lot of children,” she said.

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