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The Swedish Enigma


Following yesterday’s election, Sweden’s two main factions are deadlocked. The Sweden Democrat party, the main right-wing and patriotic party in the country, watered down their rhetoric and policies to appeal to ordinary Swedes and still only 17.6% of Swedes bothered to put them on their ballot box.

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Mass rape, murder, terrorism, frequent rioting and no-go zones sprouting up throughout the country Sweden had one chance to save but decided their own immediate needs were worth more than the future of their own children and the very existence of their nation.

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Financial Times:

The election did not produce the meltdown that the traditional centre-left Social Democrats, long the largest party, once feared. Nor did it thrust the Sweden Democrats to the top of the poll. But it left such a delicate political balance that the country faces the prospect of weeks of negotiations before a government can be formed.

 And if any establishment politicians were inclined to breathe a sigh of relief, there is also the fear that if they mishandle the aftermath the nationalists could be emboldened in the next vote in 2022.

“The longer one keeps them completely outside, the more dangerous it is for democracy,” said one prominent business leader.

The chances of either the left or “right-wing” coalitions entering into an agreement with the Sweden Democrats is about as likely as finding a Democrat with an Economics degree; nor is the Swedish establishment and its crony business backers dependent on mass Third-World immigration worried about the Swedish democracy.

The skyrocketing birth rates of the imported Islamic community and the rapid decline of the indigenous Swedish population will ensure a Swedish minority within the next two decades. When future generations of Swedes look back at this time, they will ask themselves why their grandparents thought the future of their own descendants did not matter; why they refused to vote for the one party that could possibly change the course of Swedish history; why they thought that Sweden was not worth saving?

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