Home Communism Leftist Banner Confirms It – Abortion Is A WEAPON AGAINST Our People!

Leftist Banner Confirms It – Abortion Is A WEAPON AGAINST Our People!


Abortion is a weapon used by the enemies of European civilisation and Christianity to destroy our society. If you still find that a little hard to believe, just look at these telling images from Germany!

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The moderate-right Alternative fur Deutschland won seats in the German Parliament after a campaign which included this poster. The slogan means “New Germans?” We’ll make ourselves.

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Look at this, and then at the banner carried by far-left ‘anti-racists’ protesting against the AfD taking its seats. This banner reads, on the top line: “New Germans we’ll make ourselves!”


Underneath the AfD phrase, the leftist banner goes on to read, smeared in blood red, the hate-filled but very revealing slogan “WE ABORT YOUR GERMANY!”


And, just in case anyone thinks that this genocidal self-hatred was a one off, here’s another banner carried by the leftist mob: “Germany abolish yourself!” “For a free society!” Green Youth


All of which shows very clearly that the left know perfectly well that abortion is a powerful tool in the box of the population replacement campaign. What they claim is about “women having the right to chose” is, in reality, a weapon in the deliberate and systematic genocide of the people whose Christian values and love of freedom caused them to reject Communist Revolution and the tyranny of a tiny, self-chosen ‘elite’.

THIS is the REAL ‘racism’ that is poisoning the well of life of Christendom

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