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A Message For Theresa May [video]


The anti-democratic treachery of the May regime hangs in the balance today, with a Tory no-confidence vote to be held at 6 p.m. tonight. And this is one vote Britain’s slippery Remainer Prime Minister cannot ignore or postpone!

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Angry pro-Brexit MPs yesterday secured the 48 letters from MPs needed to force a ballot that could end the PM’s time as leader. Like many millions of ordinary British voters, they are dismayed by the fact that May has made such a shockingly bad job of fighting Britain’s corner in the ‘negotiations’ with Brussels.

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Most have concluded that she never wanted to win in the first place, but rather get such a bad ‘deal’ that it would be rejected, causing a crisis which would provide an excuse to re-run the referendum and try to cancel Brexit entirely.

Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the powerful 1922 committee, said the threshold had been ‘exceeded’ and Mrs May was eager to resolve the issue ‘rapidly’.

He said the PM’s reaction when he notified her last night had been ‘business like’ and she will deliver a speech to MPs at 5pm before voting begins an hour later.

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