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Stunning Murals Show A Living Tradition That Should Be Exported! [video]


Gertrude Street in Belfast was a small road of just forty houses, yet as this stunning mural and memorial show, twelve of its brave sons gave their lives for Great Britain in the First World War.

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The street itself was demolished some years ago – victim of the collapse of the Protestant birthrate and the iron law of demographics. But local people remain fiercely proud of their heritage and of the Ulster volunteers who marched off to Flanders.

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As you can see, the tradition of enormous murals is alive and well in Northern Ireland. Patriots on the British mainland and elsewhere really need to take a leaf out of the Ulster book and get to work to build patriotic identity and community spirit in their own areas by following suit.

Note that the gable end mural is done the traditional way with paint, while the one on the wall is a printed banner mounted on marine ply and screwed to the wall. This latter method is so easy these days that even people with no previous experience of murals can produce a first-rate result.

Why not set up a local team to put one up near where you live next year? 



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