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NOTHING Of Value In Freud The Fraud! [video]

Portrait of Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939) as he sits behind his desk in his study, Vienna, Austria, 1930s. The office is filled with figurines and statuettes of various origins. (Photo by Authenticated News/Getty Images)

The present sorry state of our world, and particularly of politics, education and popular culture, is not an accident. The evils we see around us are overwhelmingly the direct result of a Long War waged against our civilisation and God. To understand this is to grasp the most important Hidden Knowledge of our Times!

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Alongside Marxist Communism, Freudian psychology was the other great ideational assault on our civilisation during the last century. It continues to have ripple effects even today, despite being totally discredited as serious science.

The credibility of Schlomo [his real name, not Sigmund]) Freud’s cult began to be eroded when it was shown that the clear-up rate of patients undergoing Freudian psychotherapy was no better (and, in some cases, worse!) than a control group of patients undergoing no therapy at all, due to “spontaneous remission” (meaning the problems going away by themselves).

Freud had actually privately admitted the ineffectiveness of his therapy decades before to one of his disciples, Sandor Ferenczi, who also became a “distinguished” psycho-therapist. Ferenczi wrote in his diary:

As proof and justification of this suspicion, I remember certain statements Freud made to me. Obviously he was relying on my discretion. He said that patients are only riffraff. The only thing patients were good for is to help the analyst make a living and to provide material for theory. It is clear we cannot help them.

Despite the failure of his therapeutic techniques to actually cure anyone, leftists wishing to undermine our civilisation still invoke Freud as an authority. See here for a recent example in the Guardian.

Moore’s article makes no bones about her intense Marxist sympathies. This despite the fact that Communism was responsible for the murder of at least 100 million innocent victims. “Marx is all very well” – if you want to wade knee-deep in human blood!

As for Freud, his ideas are obsessed with scatology and sexuality, including the perverse ideas of parent-child sex which formed the cornerstone of his theories. Freudian psychology mainstreamed this kind of obscenity into our culture.

The pathologisation of normality was another of the sinister effects of the Freudian movement. Normal, functional families were portrayed as afflicted by secret perversions. Those who favoured the maintenance of order and authority over the chaotic social experiments of the Left were seen as somehow “repressed” and dysfunctional. Freudian discourse can be seen as part of a long Pharisaic tradition, dating at least since the Talmud, which has framed the Goyim (a pejorative and deeply racist term for Gentiles, related to the word ‘cattle’) as impure, unclean and disease-ridden.

One of the few Gentile followers of Freud, Carl Jung, went on to reject all this twisted nonsense, breaking away from the cult and founded his own branch of psycho-therapy. The Jungian approach is the only one which actually fits the realities of human nature and has stood the test of time.

The Freudian version of psycho-therapy is another version of the Emperor’s New Clothes. It continues to be presented by Hollywood and the liberal media as useful and clever, despite being totally discredited and without a shred of real value.

If someone spouts Freudian fantasy at you, or refers to Freud as some sort of ‘expert’, then you can be sure that you are dealing with a con-man or an idiot! Give the whole thing, and anyone who takes it seriously, a wide berth!

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