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Political Correctness EXPOSED – Hidden Templar VIDEO


In this special in-depth report, the Hidden Templar exposes the real purpose and the origin of Political Correctness. Time to learn more….

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Political Correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.

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When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.

A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine Political Correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

This is what British psychiatrist Anthony Daniels wrote explaining the reality of Political Correctness. And it reminds us that, while the apparent lunacy of the politically correct often inspires derision, it is anything but a joke.

Political Correctness is not only as a form of narrative control and truth suppression, but as a type of relentless bullying. Speech codes and persistent propaganda no one is even allowed to object to (like diversity worship or the fictions we constantly hear about human equality), reinforce society’s sense of powerlessness. If you can get people to assent to obvious lies, or better yet to repeat them, or better still to absorb them, which is to say to lie to themselves, there is virtually nothing you can’t make them do. You have broken the seal, as drinkers say.

It is as if you have forced a man to murder an innocent, or to rape his own sister. You have destroyed a bit of his soul, you have forced him to surrender, to submit, to choose pragmatism over rectitude, to abandon his reason for the sake of social or professional survival. Once a man has lost his sense of shame, of pride, of agency, of integrity, once he must abandon his own conscience and put on a performance for all the world to see just so that he’ll be socially accepted, he’s a sheep being led to slaughter at that point. He has been subjugated completely. His heart is a gaping wound. He has been warped and debased to his core, to his essence.

We must see Political Correctness then as a very intense form of psychological and spiritual warfare. The goal of it is not just to censor ideas and words and keep people in the dark. The ultimate goal is to destroy the subject’s sense of right, and the subject’s sense of shame, and most importantly, the subject’s will to resist, to live a life of authenticity, of honor, of virtue. Once these dams are broken, vice flows effortlessly downhill for the individual, and for societies living in the shadow of these dams, known colloquially as principle, conscienceprobityintegrityhonor and civic virtue— the things that uphold human civilization.

From where does such evil come to pollute God’s good world and to drag our society down towards the abyss?

As to the term itself, Professor Frank Ellis at the University of Sheffield noted that it was first used in the late 19th to the early 20th century when Vladimir Lenin began his rise to power. The Nazis also used it to describe individuals and ideas which stuck to the party line.

The transformation of political correctness and the relentless demonization of supposedly politically incorrect ideas, however, must be traced back to Georg Lukacs.

Born Loewinger Bernat into a Jewish banking family based in Budapest, Lukacs became a Communist in 1918 and was made Peoples Commissar for Education and Culture in the short-lived Red Terror regime of Bela Kuhn.

He also became a Commissar in the Red Army, later admitting to the execution not only of class enemies but also of eight of his own soldiers.

As well as writing in favour of political terror and mass murder, Lukacs developed the theory that sex and sexual deviancy could be used as wrecking balls to destroy the Christian values of the old order, something he believed essential to the success of the Communist revolution.

After the Kuhn regime collapsed, Lukacs fled to Vienna, where he hooked up with other exiled Communists. The group were close to Leon Trotsky and were regarded as far-left subversives by both Lenin and Stalin.

Lukács left Vienna in 1929, spending much of the next four years in Germany, where his ideas on the revolutionary use of sexual ‘liberation’ and cultural war became central to the so-called Frankfurt School. Like its other members, being both Communist and Jewish, Lukacs had to flee when Hitler came to power in 1933. He found refuge in Soviet Moscow, while most of the others emigrated to the USA.

Once safe in America, the Frankfurt School intellectuals set about putting their ideas into practice. Western culture needed to be undermined and destroyed before it could be replaced by the anti-values of the Marxist revolution. The main weapon was “critical theory”, whereby constant criticism and ridicule is used to discredit the old ways of thinking.

Lukacs summed up his technique: I want a culture of pessimism; a world abandoned by God.”

Pessimism – and perversion! In addition to sexual licence being used to subvert Christian values and traditional morality, the fanning of grievances among homosexuals, feminists and more recently the sexually confused was also seen as a useful way to build a coalition of militant minorities who – together with their counterparts among racial and religious minorities – would help to overthrow the old order and clear the way for Communist revolution.

As we now see all too clearly, this long cultural war against Christianity and the West has turned out to be much more effective and dangerous than the crude economic Communism of Stalin. The anti-values promoted by Lukacs under the mercifully brief Kun revolution in Hungary in 1919 now permeate almost the entire political, educational, media and clerical elites of the Western world.

And, as a result, Political Correctness has moved from being immoral insurgency to become the new morality, imposed with increasingly totalitarian rigour by the ruling elite and their law enforcement agencies. Thus they are now in a position to present the revolting and the absurd as normal and desirable – and to demand that every last one of their subjects goes along with the lies and obscenities.

This is an extraordinarily dangerous thing. If people aren’t even willing to stand up and rebuff the most glaring of falsehoods, what will they stand up to? They will go along with most anything at that point. People conditioned to wear a mask every day of their lives, to present to the world a perfectly false self, to celebrate things no decent or sensible person could or would celebrate, have already assented to the intolerable.

When the most unthinkable atrocities arrive, they will be more than ready to tolerate them. They have had ample practice tolerating the unthinkable already. They have already assented many times to denying the reality right before their very eyes, and to countenancing what they know in their hearts to be pure evil.

When we understand Political Correctness this way, we understand Political Correctness to not only be an assault on the truth, which it is of course, but as the main front of a war on human liberty itself, on free minds, on free peoples, on free nations, and on God. Political Correctness paves the way for the army of horribles behind it, by turning madness into gospel, meekness into fashion, and surrender into habit.

Vanquished, demoralized peoples do not fight back, they do not rise up and deliver themselves from tyranny – whether the overlords be Communist Commissars or the bosses of liberal corporations. They applaud rather than cringe (as all people of sound mind would do) when their overlords trot out, on national television, an 11 year old drag queen dressed up as a street hooker.

They smile obediently when little boys are parades as paedophile sex objects on Gay Pride parades. They do nothing when told that 9 year old boys are perfectly capable of deciding to start physically transitioning into girls via powerful, permanently mind-altering and body-altering pharmaceuticals. They repeat the anti-natural insanity of the claim that young men who identify as women can have periods, or can go the doctor and insist on being checked for cervical cancer.

They play along when Cultural Marxist oligarchs and media personalities tell us that flooding the country with criminals and imbeciles from the third world will lead to moral and social progress.

They remain silent when they are told whites are the real racists for not wanting to be systematically racially discriminated against in jobs and university admissions countrywide. They say nothing when brutal physical attacks against innocent white men and women are laughed off or excused on the utterly spurious grounds that they are legitimate payback for centuries of exploitation and persecution. They turn away, or even join in, when the few brave souls who still dare to speak out against such follies and injustices are demonised, deplatformed, sacked, beaten and jailed

Those who assent to absurdity are already half-way to atrocity. They have sacrificed a piece of their souls for security, but will not receive it. The universe never has and never will reward such a bargain.

Stand up! Resist! Fight back! These times will pass! Deus Vult!









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