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KEEP HER OUT! Jihadi Bride Mocks Britain Before She Even Gets ‘Home’


Shameless ‘Jihadi bride’ Shamima Begum isn’t even back in Soft touch Britain yet, but she’s so confident of being allowed in that she’s already mocking us! On top of equating the terrorist bombing of the Manchester Arena with attacks on ISIS targets in Syria, she has named her son after a 7th century Muslin warlord “who slaughtered Infidels.

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Natural born traitor Begum shrugged off the murders of British terror victims today as she claimed they were ‘retaliation’ for the war being fought against ISIS.

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Begum ran away to marry an ISIS fighter four years ago – but now wants to return to the UK after the terror group’s so-called ‘caliphate’ crumbled into dust under relentless pounding from forces including Syria, Russia, Iran, the USA and Britain.

Confronted over the ISIS-inspired attacks which have killed scores in the UK in a new interview today, the 19-year-old stuttered: ‘I was shocked but… I just couldn’t… I didn’t know about the kids actually but.. I don’t know.’

When again challenged by the BBC’s Quentin Somerville, she equated the Manchester Arena suicide bombing and other atrocities in Britain with the war being fought between the Assad government and ISIS militants.

As anger mounts among the British public, and mainstream politicians queued up to spout off about a problem that their own policies helped create, traditionalist news outlet Sputnik interviewed former BNP leader and MEP Nick Griffin – who more than ten years ago took massive MSM flak for daring to warn about the dangers of Islamist extremism.

He was right then. Read his comments in Sputnik and decide if he’s right now as well:-


Sputnik: The head of MI6 has warned that Britons returning from Syria are “potentially very dangerous”. How likely is it that the pregnant woman will be allowed to return to Britain?

Nick Griffin: This woman’s own interview comments, in which she made it clear that she regarded the beheading of defenceless prisoners of war, marks her out as an unrepentant Salafist bigot. As such she — and any children she raises — will always pose a clear and serious danger to decent people everywhere. Despite that, however, it is inevitable that — after a little face-saving verbal opposition from the home secretary — she will be allowed back into Britain by a government and legal elite that have long lost the convictions and will to stand up for genuine British interests.

Sputnik: Some politicians have said that she is unsuitable to return to the country. If she does return, what future awaits her in Britain?

British teenage girls Shamima Begun, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana (L-R) walk through security at Gatwick airport before they boarded a flight to Turkey on February 17, 2015

She will be immediately given a fully refurbished flat at taxpayers’ expense, plus all benefits. She will be interviewed by respectful police and social workers and may be given a token supervision order. The most serious sanction she really risks in Soft Touch Britain is to have her access to the Internet restricted.Sputnik: The MI6 chief has warned that Daesh’s downfall could result in al-Qaeda’s resurgence. With the current stance the UK’s intelligence services have on operations in Syria and the stance they have on returning jihadists, what consequences can this have on the country?

Sputnik: Given that the UK’s official position for some 7 years has been to provide aid and propaganda support for “moderate Islamic rebels” who are allied to al-Qaeda (using the label al-Nusra in Syria) it seems a little strange for MI6 to start worrying about that at this stage!  But, of course, he is right. The destruction of Daesh (primarily by Syria, Russia and Hezbollah, with, to be fair, a contribution by the Kurds) does indeed mean that al-Qaeda is once again going to recruit and grow.

Which means that innocent people in Britain, America and Western Europe will be at added risk of terrorist atrocities in classic “blowback” as a result of the ruling elite’s wicked policy of trying to use Wahhabi fanatics as weapons of globalist foreign policy in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the Philippines.


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