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The War On YOUR Children – and what you MUST do about it [video]


“Any parent who sends their children to a state school is a bad parent” – that’s the stark, uncompromising message from Jim Dowson. If that shocks you, then you MUST watch this.

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Because the alternative, leaving them in the hands of the LGBTQ+(PNC) brainwashers is too horrific for any responsible, loving parent to contemplate – when you understand what is really going on.

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We STRONGLY recommend this VERY important video and message. And we commend the Muslim parents in Birmingham who obviously understand the reality so much better than most brainwashed, sheepish Westerners!

Unplugged: An Attack on our children!

The education system is attacking our children

Posted by Jim Dowson unplugged on Saturday, February 16, 2019

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