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Threats To The West – Hidden Templar Analysis [video]


I want to talk with you today about threats to the West. About threats to our way of life. About threats to your children and grandchildren. So you won’t be surprised that I begin by talking about Islamism.

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It is understandable and natural that so many people are angry over the efforts by religious Islamists to convert your daughters, and of punk-Islamist gangs to rape and turn them into heroin addicts, while beating up their brothers if they stray into the wrong part of town. Many of us in the Knights Templar International have been working and fighting to awaken our people to what has been going on for decades.

But the Johnny-Come-Latelys who have labelled themselves the ‘counter-jihad’ are either suffering from tunnel vision themselves or are simply trying to fan and exploit that natural and righteous anger for their own ends.

Those who protest against the grooming gangs are right to do so, but they need to understand that liberalism is not only not the answer, but is in fact even more dangerous than Islamisation. And not just because liberalism played a key role in opening the gates to the Third World invasion in the first place.

Because, on top of that piece of monumental insanity and treason, the entire liberal system, including every single TV advert, aims to brainwash your sons and grandsons to become homosexuals and your daughters and granddaughters into having children with Africans.

As for genital mutilation, why would you object when African Muslims do it to their own girls, but say nothing while your own government uses your taxes to teach your own children that it’s a good thing to chemically castrate your sons and cut off their penises in order to turn them into suicidally depressed tortured fake women, and to use hormones and surgery to turn your daughters into mentally tortured fake men.

May be you have come to anti-Islamism on account of horror at the cruelty to animals inherent in halal ritual slaughter. If so, I salute you. Compassion for the animals over which the good Lord gave us dominion has – although sadly not always applied – been one of the hallmarks of Christian civilisation going back way before St Francis of Assissi to the days of the nature-loving Celtic Saints.

The Muslim practice of slashing open the throats of animals is undoubtedly less cruel that beating them to death or skinning them alive, so perhaps it was relatively humane in the 7th century. But from the invention of the pole-axe, let alone of the controlled bolt humane killer, it became cruel and barbaric.

There is also extensive scientific evidence that making the killing of animals in a welter of blood a central part of religious and community life has a dangerously desensitising impact on the boys and young men who are involved in it. To put it simply, once you’ve slit the throats of sheep and goats, it becomes much easier to do it to a human being.

So yes, it is right for us to abhor and to speak out against the liberal elite’s acceptance of halal ritual slaughter, which legalises animal cruelty for which any Unbeliever, any kaffir, would rightly be sent to prison.

But it is not right to shout and kick against halal butchery while staying silent – as both leftist animal rights campaigners and counter-jihad warriors alike so often do – about the identical brutality of the kosher ritual slaughter carried out by and for observant Jews.

As a matter of fact, Jewish ritual slaughter is worse than its Muslim counterpart. Not in its methods, for they are identical. But on account of the fact that Jews regard the rear half of a beef animal as ‘unclean. But since to throw it away would make the meat from the clean front cuts extremely expensive, the ‘unclean’ rear half is put into the Gentile food chain. Unlabelled – so you don’t even have the choice to stand by your animal welfare principles and refuse to buy it.

At least the Muslims eat everything they slaughter, whereas half of what emerges from Jewish ritual slaughterhouses is palmed off on the rest of us, making us unwitting collaborators with imported desert barbarism.

Or perhaps you have come to oppose Islam on account of fear of terrorism and war? It’s a very understandable position, especially for people who have seen through the ridiculous lies told by elite politicians, police chiefs and media hacks, with their knee-jerk squeals that it’s “nothing to do with Islam” in response to murderous rampages by terrorists screaming “Allah u Akbar”.

Of course it is something to do with Islam. It’s got an awful lot to do with Islam, because the idea and practice of Jihad against the Unbelievers was there at the very beginning of Islam, and it has reared its ugly and violent head in cycles throughout history ever since in a series of fundamentalist revivals. And by a terrible quirk of history, the place where the current dominant strain of Islamic aggression first emerged is what is now Saudi Arabia – which happens to sit on top of the second biggest oil reserves on the planet.

So Saudi petro-dollars have funded the spread of fundamentalist, Salafist Islam right across the world. And Saudi gold has helped to buy the silence and acquiescence of Western politicians as Salafism, also known as Wahhabism, has been promoted from obscure desert sect to become the most powerful and fastest growing force within the Sunni sect which makes up 90% of Muslims worldwide.

It’s very much as if the Jehovahs Witnesses had conquered Venezuela before it was found to have the largest oil reserves on earth, and then used the wealth it brought them to launch a wildly successful hostile takeover bid of 90% of all Christian churches as part of a crusade to turn the whole planet JW. Such a nightmare turn of events would have everything to do with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their neo-Christian heresy, but for people opposed to it to blame “all Christians” would be patently absurd. So too with the political Islamism and its terror spearhead promoted by the Salafists.

To complete the picture, however, we must look past Saudi Arabia. Our own elites are up to their necks in the rise of Muslim fundamentalism too. It goes back a very long way. There is ample evidence that British military intelligence deliberately encouraged the spread of Salafist radicalism in imperial colonies such as Cyprus and India, in order to divide and rule the natives.  A little later, they did the same in the Middle East in the hope of an Islamic Arab uprising weakening the Ottoman Empire.

Much more recently, the American Deep State conspired with Saudi Arabia to create Al Qaeda in order to bog the Soviet Union down in Afghanistan. Similarly, the Israeli Mossad encouraged the formation of Hamas and the spread of Muslim fundamentalism in order to divide the Palestinians and weaken the secular PLO.

Coming right up to date, British Prime Minister David Cameron and his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy waged a ruthless three month air war on Libya in order to destroy that country’s secular government and hand the place over to the Islamist militias who have since turned it into the main springboard for the African invasion of Europe.

Then Hillary Clinton played a central role in shipping vast quantities of arms, ammunition and Jihadi fighters from the ruins of Libya in the hope that they would do the same job in Syria.

We have already suffered repeated examples of ‘blowback’ from such cynical elite wickedness. To give just one British example, the Manchester Arena bomber came from a Jihadi cell based in exile in Manchester whose members were actively encouraged by British intelligence to return to Libya and provide the boots on the ground that David Cameron needed to complete the destruction of the Gaddafi government.

On a far bigger scale, the Obama regime launched Operation Timber Sycamore, which became the largest gun-running operation in world history, in order to arm so-called ‘moderate Muslim rebels’ in Syria, knowing full well that they would either defect to Al Qaeda or ISIS, or sell them their US-supplied weapons.

If you are really worried by the threat of Muslim terrorism – and you should be – then you have to acknowledge the sheer wickedness of Western elite moves to train and arm them, and to use everything from sanctions to Cruise missile strikes against the secular and genuinely moderate Syrian forces striving to defeat the head-cutters.

And if you are worried about the threat of terrorist violence, then you must also worry about the threat of World War Three. Because the same Western elites who encouraged Islamic terrorism as a useful foreign policy tool are also using constant sabre-rattling against Christian Russia to justify looting Western taxpayers of hundreds of billions of dollars through a new arms race, in which their military-industrial sponsors are the only winners.

At best, this gouges money out of hard-pressed taxpayers and wastes it on weapons of mass destruction while schools, bridges and hospitals crumble under endless austerity cuts. At worst, it could easily get us all blown to pieces. Not a few dozen tragic victims in Paris or Manchester, but the whole damn world, and everybody in it!

So, if you speak out against Islamism on account of its role in promoting hatred, violence and war, good for you. But you must also speak out against the parasitic corporate Western elites who are herding you towards nuclear Armageddon.

For the Islamist terrorists might blow up a music concert or unleash sarin gas on a sports stadium, killing hundreds of innocent people in the name of their desert god. And for that they should go to hell.

But the criminals of the global elites could just as easily drag us into World War Three, blowing up entire cities and killing hundreds of millions in the pursuit of the Yinon Plan, Wall Street exceptionalism and corporate profit. For which they should go to hell too. Deus Vult!

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