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WONDERFUL Series On The Eternal Family [VIDEO trailer]


The holy institution of the Family is under relentless attack from a deeply unholy alliance of cultural Marxist subversion, corporate greed, liberal intolerance and LGBTQ+ jealousy. Among the attacks is a relentless wave of anti-family propaganda, but through the resulting darkness, a bright light of truth shines forth in defence of Christian family values: The Humanum Series.

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In 2014 Ecce Films were commissioned by the Vatican to produce a series of documentary films for a historic gathering of religious and cultural leaders. The theme of the gathering was the complementarity of Man and Woman. THE HUMANUM SERIES was received with universal acclaim, blending human experiences, social sciences, art, animation, religion, and philosophy into a short-form documentary format. The production included shoots in France, Nigeria, Lebanon, Mexico, Scotland, England, and the United States.

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The design of Man and Woman has been revered in all cultures throughout human history. The yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine, are timeless and elemental. Man & Woman “fit” within with the cosmos like complementary colors.

An example of the universality of this ancient, ecological wisdom is the ever-present “garden” metaphor for Man, Woman, and Child. In the film series, the garden metaphor appears in a Chinese symbol for society, an African mural depicting the generations, a Mexican child’s image of her family, and the ancient Hebrew poetry of the Song of Songs.

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