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Hidden Templar VIDEO – Political Puppets and Their Masters


In the latest Hidden Templar commentary, we examine the problem of nations led by political puppets – and take a close look at the real agenda behind the puppet masters….

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Today I want to show you a remarkable piece of video footage. It comes from France, but it illustrates an unfortunate but vital truth about the political leaders of many other countries as well.

The video shows French President Emmanuel Macron at the annual conference of an organisation known as CRIF.

Isn’t that something?! Macron’s status as puppet could not be any clearer,

So who is the puppet master? The man literally operating Macron in that clip is the President of CRIF, the acronym of the Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juivre de France.

The name translates as the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions, but don’t be fooled. Its members in truth represent no-one but themselves. They are self-appointed Zionists, no more representative of ordinary French Jews than their Pharisee forebears were of the Jews on behalf of whom they claimed to speak when they demanded the crucifixion of Jesus.

Or, to use a different ethnic group as analogy, the mafia has traditionally been composed of Sicilians, but not all Sicilians are Mafiosi! And criticism of the mafia is not hatred of Sicilians.

However, it is also true to say that CRIF is immensely powerful. American listeners can get an idea by imagining a combination of  AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL, B’nai B’rith and the Southern Poverty Law Center, all tied in with Sheldon Adelson, the biggest political donor in US history.

The Yellow Jackets who take to the streets of France every weekend to demand political and economic reform and the resignation of Macron have from the beginning denounced him as a puppet of the Rothschild banking cartel, which employed him before using its media subsidiaries to promote him as their Presidential candidate.

This new video has gone viral in France, providing stunning visual evidence that Macron is indeed a puppet.

And, of course, this isn’t true only of Macron and France. Most successful politicians owe their success to their willingness to be manipulated by powerful vested interests. They are handsomely rewarded – in this life, not the next – for providing a fig leaf of fake democratic respectability for the vampire elites which rob and exploit the human herd.

Brits need only consider Theresa May, whose fake Brexit ‘deal’ and sabotage of the entire attempt to break free from Brussels is a complete betrayal of British voters, but is wholly at one with the agenda of the City of London’s corporate business elite, who were not at all amused by the idea of old-fashioned notions of freedom and national sovereignty interfering with their right to maximise profits.

Americans can console themselves with having elected a President who has at least made repeated attempts to cut his puppet strings and act on behalf of his people, rather than the elite puppeteers. Donald Trump’s efforts to get along with Vladimir Putin, his attempted deal with North Korea, his moves to withdraw US troops from Syria and Afghanistan – all showed his resistance to the manipulative agenda of the Deep State and the military-industrial complex.

But his efforts to avoid a new Cold War and to fulfil his campaign pledges to rebuild America rather than throw away American lives and taxes policing the world have been blocked by the elite media’s fake new Russiagate hoax and by the other known and unknown pressures by which the puppeteers have forced Trump to accept them fixing their strings on him as well.

Whether it’s the Zionists in France, the corporations in Britain or the military-industrial complex in the USA, these elites are of course generally closely intertwined. Many informed analysts would say that the masters of world’s privately owned banking system – headed by the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the Rothschilds – are at the apex of the elite pyramid.

It is certainly true that these elite hyper predators don’t even need to advertise their power in the rather vulgar way shown by the CRIF leader in that video. But to see them at the very top of the pyramid is a mistake that could only be made by materialists brought up in the ultra-materialistic West in the godless 20th century.

For the top position in the global elite feeding chain is not held by any flesh and blood banker, but by Satan himself. In the end, the looting and rape of our world, its people and of the bounty of God’s creation is not merely about lust for money, but about occult power. The sacrifice of billions of human lives to abortion and to the deadly diseases unleashed by agribusiness poisons is more central to the elite project even than robbing us all blind. The Dark One craves innocent blood, even more than gold.

So while the military-industrial corporations and their bankster partners in crime see Cold War sabre rattling as the way to turn your taxes into their profits, their ultimate master waits and works for the day when their greedy and irresponsible war-mongering leads to a thermo-nuclear apocalypse – the largest human sacrifice of all time.

But fear not! For on the other side – on our side – stands a Higher Power still. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, He who made all things; he who will redeem all things. He who will cause Satan and his followers to fall into their own carefully dug pits and traps. Satan, and his human puppet masters, and their political marionettes will fail. Deus Vult!

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