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History Repeats Itself – from Soviet Union to SJWs [video]


You have surely noticed how the liberals and especially the hard-core left are getting more and more ridiculous in their kooky beliefs and intolerant attitudes. This is nothing new – all totalitarian mindsets are linked to ludicrous ideas of one sort or another.

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This thought-provoking video examines the nonsense that was believed in the old Soviet block, then compares it both with some of the whacky pseudo,science of Nazi Germany and with the drivel produced by today’s SJWs. The parallels are probably much closer than you think!

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But don’t just shrug it off as a joke, because the combination of demographic change, the liberal censorship destruction of conservative voices on social media and Donald Trump’s switch from building a wall to calling for more immigration means that these people will be in charge of the USA very soon. Then will come the clampdown. and, after that, the killing.


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