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Templar Report: The Facebook Purge [video]


It just goes on and on! Another massive wave of liberal Facebook censorship has silenced a fresh tranche of thoroughly liberal ‘patriots’ in both Britain and the USA.

You are now not even allowed to hear from the hugely popular counter-jihad activist Tommy Robinson – despite the fact that he is pro-LGBTQ+, pro-immigration, pro-multiculturalism and pro-Israel.

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Things have got so bad that even such impeccably liberal and mainstream positions haven’t saved Tommy from being silenced for the ‘crime’ of criticising Islamist rape gangs!

With every extra such assault on free speech and democracy by the liberal social media corporations, it becomes ever more bewildering why President Trump is failing to take action to restore the right and ability of his natural (and only) support base to set the news agenda, fund-raise and organise.

How on earth he things he can possibly win in 2020 with virtually everyone who helped him win last time around gagged and kicked off social media forums and platforms is a mystery. But when his vote collapses in 2020, there’ll be nothing mysterious about it!

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