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US Tax $$$ Head For Al Qaeda As Trump Crumbles Under Deep State Pressure [video]


Donald Trump started so well! But now so much has changed since he defunded Obama’s pet Al Qaeda propaganda team in Syria, the so-called White Helmets. That was completely inline with his campaign criticism of the Democrats’ use of taxpayers’ dollars to meddle in other nations’ business and support Islamist extremism. But, sadly, those early days of honoured promises seem to have vanished.

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Under intense pressure from the Fake News media, the Deep State and the globalist Republican elite, President Trump has just announced that US taxes are once again to flow into the coffers of the publicity machine of the people blamed for 9/11. What a tragic betrayal of the hopes and faith of so many American patriots!

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RT explains more:


The Trump administration is doubling down on backing the White Helmets, the self-proclaimed civil defense group with often controversial activity in militant-held areas of Syria, pledging a $5 million donation at a conference.

The contribution was announced by ambassador James Jeffrey, US special envoy to the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS) coalition, at the third Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, held in Brussels.

The $5 million will fund both the “vital, life-saving operations” by the White Helmets and the work of the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM), a UN body created in late 2016 to investigate – but not prosecute – alleged atrocities in Syria after 2011.

As justification for the support, State Department spokesman Robert Palladino claimed the “heroic first responders” of the White Helmets have saved “more than 114,000” lives since the Syrian conflict began, including victims of “vicious chemical weapons attacks” the US is blaming on the Syrian government. Palladino’s statement, however, acknowledged that the group operates solely “in areas outside of the control of the regime.”

Though the Trump administration announced it would stop funding the White Helmets back in May 2018, it reversed course just a month later, sending $6.8 million to the group.

In reality, it is clear to all impartial observers that the ‘gas attacks’ have all either been fake or genuine but false flag attacks carried out by the Islamist ‘rebels’ (with the help of British intelligence) in order to drag America into the conflict.


Here are just a few of the many photos that show the same men in two different guises – as Islamist rebels and as Al Qaeda PR operatives:


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