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New! Templar Battle Axe


How great is this going to look on your wall? This stout Knights Templar expertly sharpened War Axe with a pierced large cross in the blade. Crafted with the finest quality 1065 high carbon steel head, tempered, and double-pinned to a hardwood shaft with langets for extra strength and support.

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The grip has been smoothed and wrapped with top quality black leather. All metal parts have been blackened, including the hanging rings at the bottom. Comes with a tough leather axe headcover for safety. This axe is an authentic rendition of the mainstay weapon of our Order when fighting in the bloodiest and most desperate battles of the Crusades.

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As with all GENUINE Knights Templar arms, the Axe is hand finished in Toledo Spain by some of the worlds finest bladesmiths according to ancient traditions going back almost 1,000 years.

Overall Length 30″
Blade Length 9-5/8″
Weight 3lbs / 2 oz


Like all ourl weapons, your Templar axe comes with the official Knights Templar certification and parchment to be framed.

Please note: These outstanding weapons are hand forged according to ancient traditions and are weapons of war, NOT toys or cheap replicas you find on-line, so please leave around 6 weeks for dispatch.  We only have 60 made so please ordertoday  to avoid a long wait. You can buy outright or use our EASYPAY three payment option.

Remember YOU are merely the caretaker of this fine weapon and one day you can pass it down to your son or grandson. The fight never stopped nor shall it until Our Lord Returns Victorious.


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