Home Christian Values WATCH New Hidden Templar VIDEO – “Come Out Of Babylon!”

WATCH New Hidden Templar VIDEO – “Come Out Of Babylon!”


What are Christian patriots to do as the liberal elite step up their ungodly attacks on traditional values and drag our society towards the abyss?

Neither compromise and surrender, nor hatred and violence – but SEPARATION. This is the response ordained in the Bible for Christians living in a society based on evil and run as a tyranny.

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In this important new statement, our Hidden Templar explains the KTI stance, and sets out some of the peaceful and moral, but very effective, steps that can be taken to resist the liberal assault on normality and morality.

This is a REALLY important announcement, please listen to it yourself, and pass it on to friends who understand that America and the rest of the ‘West’ are being misled by deeply evil forces, and who are looking for the appropriate response.

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