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Christianophobia – The Oldest Hatred Is Still Alive & Well [video]


What is behind the mass immigration which has put the whole of the West on a collision course with disaster?

There are a number of factors: The blind need of capitalism for cheap labour and new consumers is part of it. So too is the old left-wing ideological hatred of Christianity and European civilisation. And of course there’s a degree of self-hating masochism in the old elites.

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But there is another very powerful factor at play – an even older racial and religious hatred. Christianophobia – and a corresponding policy of supporting Islam in its wars of conquest against Europe – has cropped up again and again, from the opening of the gates of Toledo and other Spanish cities to the invading Moors, through the same treachery in Constantinople and on until the present day.

These three videos give a glimpse of the pattern of this racist Christianophobia and where it leads:

And finally, before any idiot liberals start whining that pointing out the facts is “anti-Semitic”, (or before any Jew-hating Nutzi cranks start claiming us as their own) here is a video of a very honest and brave Jewish campaigner against the genocidal anti-Christian racism of the leftists/Talmudists above. Fortunately, he is not alone.

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