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Sack Her NOW! BBC Darling Incites ACID ATTACKS [video]


Left-wing BBC regular and allegedly a ‘comedienne’, Jo Brand sank to a new low last night when she blatantly urged people to attack Nigel Farage with battery acid. The open incitement to extreme violence was broadcast without apology by the BBC.

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Brand has a long history of encouraging others to commit criminal acts designed to terrorise political opponents. Years ago she suggested that it would be a good idea to post dog excreta through letterboxes. But her latest proposal goes even further, and clearly crosses the line into incitement to terrorism.

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Despite an immediate and growing chorus of outrage, the police and BBC have said and done absolutely nothing.


Needles to say, if some ordinary ‘right-wing’ citizen had suggested even hurling abuse at, for example, Remainer MPs, he or he would have had their front door kicked in and would have been hauled away by the police. But Brand can urge the hurling of battery acid in peoples’ faces and her fellow liberal-leftists who run the British ship of state just giggle about it.

Another reason for Brits to stop paying their BBC TV Licence extortion money!

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