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Templar report – Donald Trump Is Welcome! [video]


“A warm Templar welcome to President Trump”. The latest Templar Report looks at some of the key issues raised by the state visit of Donald Trump to England.

We’re pleased to say that the leftist pledge to mobilise anti-Trump 25,000 protesters in central London turned out to be ‘fake news’ of the most outrageous kind. Yesterday the organisers scaled down their claim to 75,000, but in reality – despite all the Marxist trade union backing – a mere ten thousand attended.

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The vast majority of ordinary Brits – even those with genuine reservations about the neo-con clique who surround the President in the White House and constantly try to push him into the foreign wars he was elected to avoid – respect Donald Trump and the American people who made him their President.

He is indeed welcome, and we are glad his visit is turning out to be a huge success.

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