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Climate Change Cult – Hidden Templar VIDEO


Why do supposedly intelligent and well-educated people swallow the clearly fake ‘man-made climate change’ hoax with such fervour? The answer to this riddle, says the Hidden Templar, is to be found in the darkest parts of human history. Find out more, and please pass it on!

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“When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” This quote is surely one of the most insightful of the many pearls of wisdom produced by the great English Catholic thinker GK Chesterton.

And it may be coupled with the more recent conclusions of scientists that human beings are hardwired to be religious to give us even greater insight into one of the biggest puzzles of our time: Why are supposedly intelligent and well-educated liberals so obsessed with the patently false fantasy of man-made global warming.

I will not go here into the details of the shameless dishonesty that has attended this hoax from the very beginnings, Al Gore’s deliberately deceptive hockey stick graph, the impact on climate statistics of closing down remote rural weather stations and relying more on more on the figures recorded at airports used by ever larger numbers of heat-producing jet airliners, and so on.

Nor will I explain how the idea of a worldwide climate crisis was concocted by ideologically committed internationalists to provide the excuse for a radical shift away from national sovereignty to global governance through the United Nations.

Given the fact that this audience is already self-selected for your ability to see through liberal propaganda and to find out the real facts for yourselves, I’m going to take your knowledge about the points I’ve just mentioned for granted.

I will just point out one very new factor that you may not yet have spotted: This is the way in which ‘climate change’ – itself a propaganda terminology shift from the original ‘global warming’ when inconveniently cold winters started to make the term laughable – is now in its turn being replaced by the even more vague phrase ‘climate disruption’. This, of course, allows literally any slightly unusual weather event to be used as ‘evidence’ for the urgent need to increase taxes and the power of the global elite over the lives of the ordinary masses.

But such propaganda manipulation still remains in the field of conventional materialist politics, and what I want to talk to you about now takes us into a different, darker and much more ancient realm altogether.

Because I am going to give you a Templar insight into the deep reason why the man-made climate change hoax is so compelling for so many atheistic liberal-leftists.

In turn, you will come to understand why it is so extremely dangerous – and virtually guaranteed to end very badly indeed. For this is the sort of hidden knowledge and deep understanding of the human condition in which our Order specialises.

What I have to tell you is that, while the climate change story is at one level a cynical cloak for a truly massive and monstrous global elite power and tax grab, it is also a new version of a very old – and very dark – religion.

Not, I hasten to add, at a conscious level – at least for the vast majority of its adherents, although the concept of Gaia, the Earth as a conscious, self-regulating, organism, is very close to being a pantheistic religion. But, at the subconscious level, the theory of man-made global warming and climate change has revived and enthroned a set of pre-Christian religious archetypes. And I mean, literally pre-Christian: The dark fantasies and urges it has unearthed go back to Neolithic times.

If you think this sounds too strange, or even impossible in the thoroughly godless 21st century West, let us just take a moment to put the claims of the global warming alarmists into the simplest terms possible, and see what we are left with:

An invisible, but all pervasive element is growing in the air. It threatens to destroy us and all life on earth. We are to blame, because this invisible threat has been unleashed by the things we do to our environment in our everyday lives, particularly the use of carbon reserves which we take by digging and drilling holes in the earth.

The only way to remove the threat and secure the survival of the Earth is to make sacrifices and to change our way of life.

I’m sure you will agree that this is a fair summing up of the gist of the climate change story. So now consider how easily this narrative shifts, at a subconscious level, into a set of what the great psychologist Carl Jung would have recognised instantly as ancient and immensely compelling religious archetypes:

We are guilty of raping Mother Earth. We men have dug and drilled deep into her body. This has unleashed an invisible but giant Sky Demon. He is growing by the day and will smother our Earth Mother, and all the life which she nurtures in a man-made catastrophe. Droughts, storms and other natural disasters are warning signs of what will happen. The only way to stop the Sky Demon and to placate angry Mother Earth is to make sacrifices to her. Not small and symbolic sacrifices, but ones which involve real pain, the things that we value most in our society, including our jet planes, our cars, even our favoured diet of animals. All these things are connected with the male Sky Demon, and must be sacrificed on the altar of Mother Earth if disaster is to be averted.

The very latest proposal by these cultists is that we should stop keeping cats and dogs as pets in order to cut out their carbon footprints!

In a society in which the large majority of people still believed in Christ and in His teachings, such crackpot fantasies and demands for endless physical sacrifices would gain no traction. But, as Chesterton pointed out, and as modern socio-biologists and related scientists at least implicitly maintain, when people stop believing in God at a conscious level, their sub-conscious has no choice but to follow the dictates of human nature and to find a God-substitute, because a significant proportion of human beings NEED something divine in their lives.

This is one of the factors behind the shocking and growing number of young women in particular converting to Islam. Partly, of course, that’s about them being attracted to confident, dominant males, and to the degree of protection against sexual predators afforded by the veil and becoming insiders, part of their group, instead of being outsiders, their natural prey. But we should never under-estimate the attraction of religion, particularly when its adherents are absolutely and unshakably certain that their faith is the one true faith, and that all those who refuse to accept its truth are doomed.

Which, of course, brings us back to the global warmists. They may well believe that they are rational human beings following the ‘settled science’, but, in reality, the faith they follow is so compelling not because it is based on real science (which it most assuredly is not), but because it involves a concoction of some of the most ancient and powerful religious archetypes in all of human history and psychology.

This is why the followers of this modern manifestation of the Earth Goddess cult are so unshakable in their set of beliefs.

As we have seen, the stubborn facts of climate reality have forced its adherents to change the ‘threat’ posed by the Sky Demon from global cooling and a new Ice Age (their position in the 1970s) to global warming which is going to cook us all alive and which should be now have made snow unknown to children in much of the northern hemisphere, then to climate change, which can account for heavy snow as well as the lack of it, and now to climate disruption, which can point to any and every bit of weather as a portent of imminent doom.

But while the actual threat is adjusted to fit with reality, all the rest of their belief system carries on as if these logically embarrassing, perhaps even fatal, changes hadn’t happened at all.

This should not surprise us, because the whole thing is drawing vast amounts of subconscious energy from the eternal human urge for a supernatural mother figure. The early church fathers recognised this human need and harnessed it for good and for Christianity by encouraging deep reverence for the Virgin Mary.

Of course, the combined liberal, Masonic, Marxist and Talmudic war on Christianity has also been a war on Mary, the mother of Jesus, and where this has created disbelief, the resulting spiritual vacuum is waiting to be filled.

As for the repeated failure of the climate change alarmists Chicken Little predictions, we see the same lack of impact on the true believers with those Second Coming outfits run by heretical pseudo-Christian crackpots. They predict a date for the Rapture and, when it duly arrives and nothing happens, the cult leader simply discovers a reason why the first calculation wasn’t quite right, and announces a new date in the light of the new additional knowledge.

The difference is that the Second Coming cranks generally do no harm other than stealing the money and perhaps the wives of the gullible few taken in by their nonsense. The Earth Goddess climate change cult, on the other hand, is seriously dangerous.

In Britain alone, to give just one example. The Climate Change Act of 2008 was passed into law in the UK Parliament with the near unanimous cross-party support of all but two climate skeptic MPs. The Act makes it the duty of the Secretary of State to ensure that the net UK carbon account for all six Kyoto greenhouse gases for the year 2050 is at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline.

In pursuit of this ludicrous, futile and utterly unrealistic target, British taxpayers are already being fleeced to the tune on an estimated eighteen billion pounds a year. For example, every single hospital in Britain is now forced to hand over hundreds of thousands of pounds, which taxpayers think is spent on health care, in order to buy the ‘right’ for their heating systems to emit carbon dioxide – a naturally occurring gas which is, incidentally, the most important natural fertiliser in the world.

This is not just about the cash, because £18 billion a year sacrificed on the altar of a false god means that there are a lot fewer resources available to fight real problems, real diseases, real social ills. From heart disease to drug addiction and poverty, the climate change scam costs lives as well as money. And, when the climate-obsessed Democrats grab back control of the White House, the USA will lurch down the same ruinous road.

But already we begin to see the outline of far worse consequences to come. No less a climate change adept than Prince Charles has called for climate change ‘deniers’ to be dragged before the courts and punished for their heretical dissent.

Global warming scepticism is already a reason for being censored and deplatformed on social media. Refusing to pay lip-service to the thinly-veiled Earth Goddess cult already incurs sanctions which make you a second class citizen, more and more condemned to the social and economic margins of an increasingly intolerant society.

Take my word for it, this persecution of non-believers, of climate change ‘deniers’ is only in its infancy. It will get much, much worse, especially as resistance grows to the increasingly painful sacrifices that the leaders of the concealed Goddess cult demand of us all.

There is no coincidence in the fact that exactly the same individuals who turn out on Extinction Rebellion climate change protests  also take to the streets to demand unlimited abortion.

Nor that the most extreme – or rather, the more honest – of the climate change obsessed greens are already saying that the only way to ‘save the planet’ is to impose a strict limit on the number of children the human herd are allowed to have.

Once you follow the earth Goddess, it’s a very small and easy step from abortion-on-demand as a right for women to compulsory abortion for the sake of the planet, Mother Earth. Human blood is nothing to these people.

Nor should it be any surprise that a significant number both of pro-abortionist and climate change zealot women openly proclaim themselves to be witches. At one level, such a claim is stupid, childish, nonsense, but at another, it opens the door to real evil.

The old gods have tended to be romanticised and whitewashed, because we have forgotten how greedy they were for innocent blood. We are all aware of the Moon God element present in Islam, and we know how the unleashing of those dark urges have led to the mass beheadings and murders of infidels by ISIS and Al Qaeda.

But we hear very much less about the dark reality of Hinduism, with its myriad of demons and sub-cults of human sacrifice.

Likewise, the controlled mass media ensures that we hear not a word about the Talmudism of the Pharisees, the ones who crucified our Lord, who dominate the modern Jewish faith at the expense of the decent Torah-true Jews on whose behalf they falsely claim to operate.

We are forbidden to learn – still less to speak – of the intense hatred of Christians and other goyim, and the occult motivation behind the torture-murders favoured, for example, by the Talmudic-inspired cult of Bolshevism.

Virtually all the old non-Christian deities are thirsty for blood and obsessed with sacrifice. And this should come as no surprise, because the ideas of divinity and sacrifice are necessarily intertwined. Only Christianity has tamed and channelled this dark side of religion and human nature into the mysterious, bloodless blood sacrifice of the Eucharist.

All the other gods are, of course, just as much products of the human imagination and psyche as the climate change fantasy deity.

Outside of the human mind, there are only two supernatural powers – God. As in, God, the holy Trinity. And Satan. Thus, in as far as human faith and action brings them to a semblance of life, non-Christian gods are invariably and in essence Satanic.

So do not for one minute think that the climate change cult will fade away as its End Times predictions repeatedly fail to come to pass. Do not think that its followers can be argued with or made to see reason. And do not think that this latter day Earth Goddess cult will not demand more and more sacrifices and become more and more intolerant of those who refuse to make them.

But neither give way to despair, nor fear that its madness and green camouflaged bloody evil will last forever. Because it will not.

Persecution is coming. Persecution for all those who insist on real, fact-based science. And persecution of the Bible-true Christians who refuse to bend the knee to climate change, the right to slaughter innocent babies, gender theory, or any other of the false gods of supposedly atheistic liberalism.

Yet, there is nothing here to fear. For persecution is the fertile soil in which our Faith, the one True Faith, takes root and grows the best.

The blood of martyrs is the lifeblood of the true church. And God was, is, and remains, infinitely more powerful than His fallen angel.

What goes wrong will be put right. What becomes filthy will be cleansed. Evil will be vanquished by Good. Deus Vult!

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