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Police Drag Out Pro-Family Protester From Perverts’ Library Stunt [video]


There’s a thick blue line in the LGBTQ+’s hijacked rainbow. It’s not just in the PC Absurdistan formerly known as Great Britain. In America too, the police are now enforcing ‘tolerance’ of homosexual paedophile indoctrination of pre-schoolers.

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The latest victim is a Millersville man, who  was charged with assault and banned from county libraries after he was removed from a sick Drag Queen Storytime by police.

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Scott Thomas Miller, 28, was charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and second-degree assault after police said he pushed a man and disrupted the event at Severna Park Community Library on Saturday.

This is what the future has in store for you.


Now the thin blue line has already taken up its place in the rainbow and it has decided to act as the enforcer for the gay-pedo agenda.

Anne Arundel County Libraries spokeswoman Christine Feldmann said about 30 protesters prayed, carried signs and talked peacefully on McKinsey Road outside the 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Drag Queen Storytime sessions.

Two protesters went into the second story time, where Feldmann said they began shouting at the performer, Balena Canto.

Matthew Maisano, who performs as Balena Canto, said he was halfway through reading “Be Who You Are” when one of the men started shouting, “This is corrupting your children,” and “This isn’t right.” Maisano said he saw police drag the men out less than a minute later.

Feldmann said Miller and the other man, who was not arrested, are banned from Anne Arundel County Public Libraries for a year. At its September meeting, the library’s Board of Trustees will consider banning the two for life.

With the speed of the advance of this tsunami of perversion and liberal intolerance, it won’t be long before such penalties are ramped up to include prison sentences like in Britain and Germany. And when that doesn’t persuade parents to accept grown men telling their young children that they should get their genitals surgically mutilated, the cultural Marxists will turn to state violence to enforce their Satanic assault on the family and the innocence of childhood.

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