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UK Rolling Thunder Protest – Templar Video


The latest Templar report opens with coverage of the election of Boris Johnson to lead the Conservative Party, and hence the United Kingdom. Guest presenter Jim Dowson predicts an early General Election.

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The broadcast then covers the Soldier F protests in London and the very welcome spread of the Rolling thunder biker parades from the USA to Great Britain. These have been largely hushed up by the mainstream ‘fake news’ media, the far-left BBC in particular turning a blind eye to the remarkable upturn in militancy among British forces veterans (and, indeed, serving soldiers). “Soldiers are at the point of rebellion!”

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That said, there’s plenty of interest to viewers in the USA, for so much of what happens these days in the UK also happens – or soon will – in America. And vice versa. Oh yes, there’s some straight talking about Iran, as well.

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