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Donate and Defend the Christian people

If there was another Holy Crusade…would YOU rally to the Cross?  Well, there is one, right NOW, so do what’s right and do it NOW!


Imagine YOUR country. Imagine it invaded by hordes of criminally-inclined Muslim migrants with a centuries’-long record of violent hostility towards your people. Imagine how you’d feel as they set about driving you and your people out; looting and burning your churches, shooting up school buses, murdering your local police and civilians alike.


Now imagine that your people finally fought back, meeting the migrant colonists blow-for-blow and driving them out. Only to have a coalition of liberal world powers declare war on you, murdering thousands of civilians in a 78-day aerial bombardment that only stops when your army agrees to withdraw from the heart of your country and hand it over once again to the land-grabbing Muslim terrorists.!