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Sacred Initiation & Oath Ceremony


We are delighted to announce that the next initiation ceremony will be at the end of May in the stunning (and cheap to get to) City of Budapest. Our hosts will be the St Laszlo Priory and they have arranged a most spectacular Church for the ceremony in the heart of this ancient citadel of Christian resistance.

After the Ceremony, all Sir Knights and guests are invited to participate in a lovely Banquet organised by the Rosslyn Priory from Scotland where a nice meal and traditional music and dance will be performed by local artists. You should arrive on Friday the 26th and Depart Sunday the 28th or Monday the 29th.

Depending on the numbers we may host a diner on the Friday night for those coming.

All KTI Associates in good standing are entitled to apply to be considered for full Chivalric Knight Templar status after six months’ probationary membership. Being a genuine Chivalric Knight in a modern world is no easy task and should not be entered into lightly.
You are required to strive always to follow the Chivalric code of Honour, the code of the Christian Warrior Knight. We are not a re- enactment group, we are real with ‘boots on the ground’ so remember, to be a Sir Knight in the Templar Order you will have to affirm in Person, by Holy oath, at the Altar, to strive to maintain the code all the days of your life:
The Ten Pillars of the Code of Chivalry:
1. Believe in Christs teachings and apply them in daily life
2. Defend the traditions of the Christian religion and the principle of faith
3. Respect and defend the weak against abuses by the strong
4. Love the people and sovereignty of your country and others
5. Do not be a coward, face the enemy, and use direct force
6. Fight the enemies of good relentlessly and without mercy
7. Perform all secular duties under the higher Laws of God
8. Never lie nor breach your word, be reliable for friend or foe
9. Give generously and wholeheartedly, for meaningful impact
10. Always uphold right and good, against all evil and injustice
Going Forward into the Templar Chivalric Knighthood
There is no charge for applying for this as we view it as a Holy office, but applicants do of course need to pay for their own full set of approved, official Knightly regalia. This complete, top quality set is needed to equip a Sir Knight in the proper attire that befits his station and Holy office in life.
We have commissioned all the items specifically for this Order and only Official KTI regalia can be used by members at events and ceremonies. The cost of a full Knights Templar regalia package used to be so expensive, several thousand, as to inhibit most people from taking the step up to Templar Knight.
Therefore, we can supply all our Members with an Initiation package at the subsidised price of £139/$169. This is the minimum regalia needed for the induction ceremony – Full mantle/Cape, Templar Jewel with collarette, (Gloves best got on the day due to sizing). Everything is sent by surface mail on approval of your application and receipt of your payment or can be purchased at the event on the day. CLICK HERE TO ORDER
Finally, we would once again ask you to think well upon this decision, Do you feel your life has led you to this point?, Have you a desire to fulfil your destiny and start your life afresh as a Godly and chivalric Knight of the Templar Order, (The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon) .
Only a few people are touched by the divine and installed with a burning passion to defend faith, family and nation and led towards Joining the Order. If you are being called…do it and be all you are meant to be in this short a fleeting life. We look forward to welcoming you into the Knighthood. God guide you